Corsair International

Corsair International (until 2012 Corsairfly ) is a French charter airline based in Rungis and base at the airport Paris -Orly. It is owned by the German tourism group TUI and is a member of the affiliated group TUI Airlines.


Founding and first years

Corsair International was founded in 1981 as Corse Air International of a Corsican family and started operations on 17 May 1981. In 1990, the airline of the French tour operator Nouvelles Frontières; with the acquisition, the airline was renamed the Corsair. The license for worldwide traffic rights was acquired in 1991.

Previously owned the then- Corsair, a Boeing 747 -SP with the registration F- GTOM, which was especially useful when landing on the short runway of Princess Juliana Airport in Sint Maarten, but has been retired for reasons of age.

Takeover by TUI

2000 took over the German tourism group TUI society. When they introduced a corporate uniform color scheme, also the aircraft of the Corsair were adapted, as in 2005 the name was adapted and renamed Corsairfly to the standards of corporate network TUI Airlines.

In March 2012 it was announced that rename Corsairfly during the year in Corsair International and introduce a corresponding new corporate design will.

2013 the company started to modernize its fleet of cabs, such as the number of seats was reduced somewhat. Until then available to its Boeing 747-400 with 582 ( in 2006 even 587 ) seats on the highest seating capacity of any passenger airplane used previously.


Corsair International flies with as of July 2012 from Paris - Orly to Pointe -à- Pitre and Fort-de -France in the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean to Mauritius, Mayotte, Reunion and Madagascar, as well as to Miami, Montreal and Dakar.


As of October 2013, the fleet of Corsair International consists of seven aircraft:

  • 2 Airbus A330 -200, each with 304 seats
  • 2 Airbus A330 -300 with 360 seats per
  • 3 Boeing 747-400 with 533 seats per