Ierapetra (Greek Ιεράπετρα ( f sg ) ) is a city in the southeast of the Greek Mediterranean island of Crete and administrative center of the homonymous municipality (Greek Δημος, Dimos ). It is the southernmost city in Europe (excluding Cyprus, which geographically belongs to Asia ). Ierapetra is located at the narrowest part of Crete: From the south to the north coast there are only 12 kilometers in a straight line.

With 12,355 inhabitants in the city center and 16 139 as a village together with the connected suburbs Ierapetra is the fourth largest city of the island and the largest of the regional district Lasithi, Lasithi Prefecture of the former. Since the local government reform after Kallikratis Act 2010, the former municipalities and municipal districts present Ierapetra and Makrigialos form the overall municipality of Ierapetra. It has 27,602 inhabitants ( according to the census of 2011).


Community structure

The municipality of Ierapetra is formed by two municipal districts, which are subdivided into villages on. The table below also settlements with more than 400 inhabitants are recorded ( population figures from the results of the 2011 census ).

  • Municipality of Ierapetra - Δημοτική ενότητα Ιεραπέτρας - 23 708 Village Ierapetra - Δημοτική Κοινότητα Ιεραπέτρας - 16 139 Vainia - Βαϊνιά - 609
  • Gra Lygia - Γρα Λυγιά - 1528
  • Ierapetra - Ιεράπετρα - 12,355
  • Kendrio - Κεντρίο - 1021
  • Potami - Ποτάμοι - 405
  • Koutsounari Κουτσουνάρι - 566
  • Ferma - Φέρμα - 532
  • Nea Anatoli - Νέα Ανατολή - 1002
  • Kavousi - Καβούσιον - 559
  • Kalamafka Καλαμαύκα - 425
  • Kato Chori - Κάτω Χωρίον - 946
  • Pachia Ammos - Παχεία Άμμος - 574
  • District of Makrigialos - Δημοτική ενότητα Μακρύ Γιαλού - 3894 Village of Agios Stefanos - Τοπική Κοινότητα Αγίου Στεφάνου - 891 Makriyalos - Μακρυγιαλός - 760
  • Analipsis - Ανάληψις - 584
  • Koutsouras - Κουτσουράς - 775


The prevailing climate of the landscape around Ierapetra is one of the warmest of Crete. The heat in the city is in the summer often tempered by the often stormy north wind ( Boreas ), which is particularly pronounced at the constriction of Crete.


The historical roots of Ierapetra date back to the Minoan era. At that time the city was called Hierapytna. In ancient times, they gained dominance over the south-eastern region of Crete; this heyday lasted until the conquest in 67 BC by the Romans.

With the conquest by the Arabs 824, the city was badly damaged, but subsequently rebuilt. A new flowering period she experienced in the Venetian period from the 13th to the 17th century - since that time she wears the current name Ierapetra. 1798 Napoleon Bonaparte should have made on his expedition to Egypt in Ierapetra station. The house, in which he allegedly spent the night at that time, is still shown.

Places of interest in Ierapetra Venetian castle of 1626 ( at the harbor ), the Agios Georgios Church in the city center (1856 ) and a partly ruined Turkish mosque with minaret and the restored fountain house.

Sustainable Tourism

In 2012, Ierapetra won the prestigious Quality Coast Gold for special efforts in sustainable development. Therefore, Ierapetra, was admitted to the worldwide atlas for sustainable tourism, DestiNet.


Ierapetra has a port which is used for pleasure boats and fishing. In the area of Ierapetra is growing vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans ) - in foil tents - Home Purchase. For the required water to the Northwest of Ierapetra reservoir ensures at Gra Ligia. A regional airport is under discussion. The region supplies a large part of Greece with fresh vegetables. Its transport across the road to Heraklion burdened the farmers more and more by rising prices, so that it looked for alternatives.

Tourism companies provide here the smaller but growing proportion of businesses. The set up for tourists Strand-/Uferpromenade is the first step in the development of tourism, which so far are very weak and therefore environmentally compatible grew up in the southeastern region of Crete. From Ierapetra during summer tourist boats to the uninhabited Kalksandinsel Chrissi, which also belongs administratively to the municipality of Ierapetra.