Imbabura Province

The province of Imbabura is a province in Ecuador. It is named after the volcano Imbabura and has an area of ​​4896 km ² approximately 350,000 inhabitants. Its capital is Ibarra.


The province of Imbabura is located in the northern Andean region of Ecuador. The province is bordered on the north by the provinces of Esmeraldas and Carchi, on the east by the provinces of Sucumbios and Napo, to the south by the province of Pichincha in the West and in turn to Esmeraldas.

The province is also called " lakes Province" or " the blue Province " since over 400 lakes are part of their natural heritage. The best known are located at the foot of the Imbabura Volcano Lago San Pablo, which is close to the Peguche Waterfall is located, and the crater lake Laguna de Cuicocha.

In addition to the Imbabura ( 4,610 m) are the volcanoes Cotacachi ( 4,944 m) and Yanahurco de Pinan ( 4,535 m), the highest mountains in the province.

The Pan-American Highway traverses the province from north to south.


The population of the province consists largely of Quichua indigenous and mestizos. In Chota Valley (Spanish: Valle del Chota ) lie on the border with the province of Carchi numerous settlements, inhabited by Afroecuadorianern.

In particular, the indigenous population of the area around Otavalo is known worldwide for its arts and crafts weaving. Even the leather crafts from Cotacachi and the wood carvings from San Antonio de Ibarra are in good reputation.


The directly elected Prefect of Imbabura is called Gustavo Pareja and belongs to the Partido Acción Nacional Renovador Institucional multimillionaire Álvaro Noboa to. Mayor of the capital Ibarra, Pablo Anibal Jurado (ID). The most prominent politicians of the province is Auki Tituaña ( Pachakutik ), Mayor of Cotacachi and well-known representative of the Indians of Ecuador.

The governor appointed by the president called Diego Garcia Pozo.


The Imbabura province is divided into six cantons. These are ( in order of establishment ):


Azuay | Bolivar | Cañar | Carchi | Cotopaxi | Chimborazo | El Oro | Esmeraldas | Galapagos | Guayas | Imbabura | Loja | Los Ríos | Manabí | Morona Santiago | Napo | Orellana | Pastaza | Pichincha | Santa Elena | Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas | Sucumbios | Tungurahua | Zamora Chinchipe

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