Invertigo (roller coaster)

Invertigo in Kings Iceland

Invertigo is the name of a roller coaster model of type shuttle coaster manufacturer Vekoma.

The route of Invertigo similar to the route of the Boomerang roller coaster model from the same manufacturer. The differences between the two models are that the trains do not run on the track, but beneath her hanging ( inverted coaster ). With the Giant Inverted Boomerang there is a larger version of this model.

The train is pulled by a cable backwards a 40 m high lift hill. At the top latches from the train moves forward and the lift hill and down through the station by the Cobra Roll into it. After the cobra roll the train travels up into the loop and the second lift hill. Here, the train connects to it again and is pulled up again. Now the train unlatches again and travels the route in reverse. In the station the train is braked.

The features of the Invertigo have seven cars with room for four people (two rows for two people). The passengers of the two rows of seats of a car sitting with their backs to each other. As restraint system come shoulder strap for use.


The model Invertigo was built and delivered a total of four times by Vekoma. The first delivery went to the Swedish amusement park Liseberg, where the train was running under the name of The Hangover to 2002. After their dismantling it was first brought to Greece, where they should be presumed built in Allou Fun Park. After two years of storage, it was reopened in 2005 as a tornado in the summer Syd, making it the only factory that has been converted.