Canaries gentian ( Ixanthus viscosus )

The Canaries gentian ( Ixanthus viscosus ) is the only species of the monotypic genus Ixanthus and belongs to the family of the Gentian Family ( Gentianaceae ).


The perennial herbaceous plant reaches stature heights between 80 to 200 centimeters. The strong, sticky plant is usually lignified something at the bottom. The ganzrandigen leaves are arranged opposite constantly and heart-shaped at the base. The leaves have three main parallel nerves and are pointed eilanzettlicher form.

The yellow flowers are supported by showy petal -like bracts that are basally slightly below grown together. The flowers are arranged in large paniculate inflorescences. The calyx is bell- shaped, with five pointed lobes. Bloom time is from April to June. The fruit is a vielsamige slightly meaty capsule containing black seeds.


Ixanthus viscosus only grows in the laurel forests of the Canary Islands, with the exception of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.