J. Danforth Bush

Joshua Danforth Bush ( * December 4, 1868; † December 4, 1926 ) was an American politician. Between 1921 and 1925 he was Deputy Governor of the State of Delaware.


J. Danforth Bush was born into a rich family of entrepreneurs. His father, George W. Bush ( not related to the same U.S. president ) was in the mail, working in the coal business and in the timber industry. After his death in 1900 his sons George W. Bush & Sons Company led on. Danforth was Vice President of this company. Politically, he joined the Republican Party. For some time he also served as Major of the 59th engineer unit in the U.S. Armed Forces.

In 1920, Bush was elected on the side of William D. Denney for Lieutenant Governor of Delaware. This post he held 1921-1925. Yet he was Deputy Governor and Chairman of the State Senate. After the end of his time as Lieutenant Governor, he is no longer politically have appeared. He died on 4 December 1926, was buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.