Jamie Oliver

James " Jamie " Trevor Oliver, MBE ( born May 27, 1975 in Clavering, Essex ) is a British chef. His nickname The Naked Chef goes back to his first cookery program and represents the simplicity of ingredients and preparation of its recipes.


Oliver grew up in Clavering, a small village in Essex, about 32 kilometers to the south of Cambridge. There, he worked in his father's pub, The Cricketers, in the kitchen. After leaving school he went to London, where he learned to cook at Westminster College. A short time later he worked in the Neal Street Restaurant Gennaro Contaldo. , To his colleagues belonged to the later German TV chef Tim maltsters. In Oliver's work in the restaurant River Cafe he was discovered for television. Later he worked in the restaurant Monte's, as he turned his commercials and shows such as The Naked Chef.

In 1989, Oliver, along with Leigh Haggerwood the band Scarlet Division, in which he plays the drums today.

Jamie Oliver is since June 2000 married to Juliette " Jools " Norton, the two have three daughters and a son.

For his commitment, he was appointed in October 2003 Member of the Order of the British Empire.

Social Commitment

Oliver's first television show, The Naked Chef immediately, was an international success. As a result, he increasingly devoted himself to social issues: he opened in 2002 under the show Jamie 's Kitchen Restaurant " Fifteen" in London, the unemployed and socially disadvantaged young people the opportunity to learn cooking and working in restaurants. Meanwhile, there are other restaurants in Amsterdam and Newquay.

Another action was the campaign feed me better, on television under the title of Jamie 's School Dinners, to improve the quality of food in school canteens. The accompanying TV series on Channel 4 was dominated by fast food and rigor situation in Britain's school kitchens and try Jamie Oliver's offer to the school children nutritious, healthy menus. Oliver collected for 241,000 signatures at various schools in England. In the course of the campaign, the Labour government promised to provide additional £ 280 million available.

In Ministry of Food, he tries the inhabitants Rotherham, Yorkshire, almost bring the cooking with fresh ingredients and healthy eating. For this, he taught a small group of residents recipes; this in turn will pass it on to neighbors, colleagues and friends in the event of a cooking recipes. The idea for the show comes from the time of the Second World War: The British Ministry of Food was distributed in this way recipes to the population, were rationed as food.


2005 Oliver was criticized for the slaughter of a lamb on his show Jamie's Great Italian Escape.

Re irritation it caused in 2008 when he, to refer to the states in battery hens, chicks suffocated in his mission.

Awards and honors

  • 2001: BAFTA TV Award
  • 2003: The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire MBE
  • 2006: The People's Voice Award ( Webby ) for the website and the activities for the " Feed Me Better " campaign
  • 2010: TED Prize
  • 2010: Emmy Award for Jamie 's Food Revolution in the category "Outstanding Reality Program"
  • 2010: German Sustainability Award in the category " Honorary Award "


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