Jawbox was an American post-hardcore band from Silver Spring ( Maryland), which was active from 1989 to 1997.

Band History

Jawbox was founded in 1989 from the previous bassist of the Washington hardcore punk band Government Issue, J. Robbins, Adam Wade ( drums) and Kim Coletta. Robbins served in his new band as a guitarist and singer, while Coletta took over the bass.

Their first album was recorded in 1990 flu and published by Dischord Records in 1991. It includes a cover of Joy Division Something Must Break the piece and was taken up by Girls Against Boys member Eli Janney. After the recordings, Bill Barbot joined added as second guitarist. With this lineup, the group recorded their second album. Novelty was produced by Iain Burgess, who had previously worked mainly with punk bands from Chicago as Naked Raygun, Pegboy and Big Black. Wade drummer left the band shortly thereafter and joined Shudder to Think on. He was replaced by Zachary Barocas.

Jawbox left Dischord Records and signed a contract with major label Atlantic Records. There appeared in 1994 and 1996 more albums. In 1997, the band parted ways and Robbins founded Burning Airlines.