Jean-Marie Lustiger

Jean -Marie Cardinal Lustiger [ ʒɑ maʀi lystiʒe ], maiden name Aron Lustiger (born 17 September 1926 in Paris; † August 5, 2007 ibid ) was a Roman Catholic Archbishop of Paris.


Funny was a child of Polish Jews who emigrated to France in the early 20th century. During the occupation of Nazism, his parents were deported, and his mother was murdered in 1943 in Auschwitz concentration camp. Funny survived, he was taken by a family in Orléans. Here he converted to Catholicism and was baptized on 25 August 1940 in the chapel of the bishop's residence, where he was pastor twenty years later. He was a cousin of the writer and historian Arno Lustiger.

He studied at the Lycée Montaigne in Paris, then in New Orleans and later at the Sorbonne. In his student years he was active in the Student Christian community. After he had spent a year working as a mechanic in Decazeville in Aveyron in South Western France, he entered Paris in the Karmelitenseminar. He finished his theological studies at the Catholic Institute in Paris and has a licentiate in exegesis and philosophy at the Sorbonne. On 17 April 1954 he was ordained a priest. After his ordination he was 15 years University chaplain at the Sorbonne and the great French elite schools. As a student chaplain he worked at the Richelieu Centre in spiritual renewal. As a tour guide, he accompanied many trips to Rome, Chartres and the Holy Land.

In 1969 he became pastor of the parish of St. Jeanne de Chantal in Paris. His sermons were so valued that they partially published in book form.

On November 10, 1979, Pope John Paul II Funny bishop of Orléans. The episcopal ordination took place on 18 December 1979 by Cardinal François Marty in the presence of the Apostolic Nuncio Angelo Felici and 17 bishops.

Archbishop of Paris

On 2 February 1981, he joined the successor of Cardinal Marty as Archbishop of Paris. Since then, he was one of the leaders of French Catholicism. So he organized protests against the planned from the Socialist Minister of Education Alain Savary school reform, the (usually Catholic ) endangered the existence of private schools. He was committed to the reconciliation between Jews and Christians and turned vigorously together with Cardinal colleagues like Albert Decourtray against the attempt to build on the site of the Auschwitz concentration camp, a Carmelite convent.

Admission to the College of Cardinals as a cardinal priest with the titular church of Santi Marcellino e Pietro took place during the consistory on February 2, 1983 by Pope John Paul II in 1994, the titular church of San Luigi dei Francesi he was given, which is dedicated to Saint Louis of France. As a constant defender of human rights Lustiger said on his appointment as Cardinal, that he Would this more as a responsibility than see it as honor, because they are " carrying the burden of the whole Church " meant even more.

1995 Cardinal Lustiger was chosen as the successor of Albert Decourtray on armchair 4 of the Académie française.

On 11 February 2005 put Jean- Marie Lustiger of age and illness management of the Archdiocese of Paris down. His successor, Pope John Paul II, the former Archbishop of Tours André Armand Vingt -Trois.

Funny participated in the conclave of 2005, which Benedict XVI. elected pope.

Cardinal Lustiger died on August 5, 2007 after a long and severe cancer in a Paris hospital. The obsequies were celebrated on August 10th in the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral by Archbishop André Vingt -Trois. According to the last will of the deceased something earth was scattered from Israel on his grave before entering the Cathedral and the Catholic liturgy. Then reciting two Jewish members of his family to Psalm 113 in Hebrew as well as the Kaddish, the Jewish prayer for the dead. This symbolized his hope, Judaism and Christianity, " side by side ", as he said, to see rooted in the same faith in the one God and in the hope of the coming of the Messiah brings.

The text of his memorial plaque at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, he himself wrote:

Offices in the Roman Curia

Jean- Marie Lustiger was a member of the following Congregations of the Roman Curia:

  • Secretariat of State (second division)
  • Congregation for the Oriental Churches
  • Congregation for Bishops
  • Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life
  • President Delegate to the 1st Special Assembly for Europe of the Synod of Bishops (1991).


The director Ilan Duran Cohen turned the 2013 film Le Métis de Dieu ( The Jewish Cardinal ) with Laurent Lucas in the role of Jean -Marie Lustiger.