Jimmy Bryan

James Ernest "Jimmy" Bryan ( born January 28, 1926 in Phoenix, Arizona, † June 19, 1960 in Langhorne, Pennsylvania) was an American race car driver.

Bryan was in the 1950s the leading uS racers. After five years at races Midget Car class (small separation cars) and race on dust ovals and a qualifying attempt in 1951 Bryan in 1952 launched the first time in a race, the AAA National Series in Indianapolis and reached excellent for a rookie sixth place. In the following years, he established himself on the fixture in the American Champ Car series. Three times (1954, 1956 and 1957 ), he won the U.S. championship wide in this class, where he was nearly unbeatable especially when racing on ovals dust that were part of this championship at the time. But even on asphalt, he showed good performance as in 1954 show his second place of the Indy 500 and the third place in the same race in 1957. Overall, Bryan won in 19 of his 62 races in the top American single-seater series.

1957 Race of Two Worlds at Monza was first held in the American Champ Car went against European Formula 1 car, and Jimmy Bryan won this race. With a victory in the 500-mile race at Indianapolis in 1958 - at the time this race was part of the Formula 1 World Championship - he crowned his career.

1960 Bryan was killed in a fatal race in Pennsylvania. On the dirt track of Langhorne he had qualified for the front row, but caught in the first round of a bump and flipped over.

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  • Born in 1926
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