Jimmy Mulisa

Jimmy Mulisa ( born April 3, 1984 in Kigali ) is a Rwandan football player.



Jimmy Mulisa began his professional career in 2002 at his hometown club APR FC. In 2005 he moved to Europe to the Belgian first division side RAEC Mons. After one season, he moved to KRC Mechelen, where he could not prevail and the club turn left after one year. He was transferred to RFC Tournai. There he played only one season. He then played for VW Hamme and KSV Roeselare. In 2010 he began the Romanian club Piatra Neamţ Ceahlăul and signed in July 2010 a contract with the Kazakh first division club Shakhtar Karaganda.


Jimmy Mulisa is currently 16-time national player. He helped that the Rwandan national football team managed its first and only collection in the Africa Cup namely the Africa Cup 2004. He participated in the qualification for World Cup 2006 and qualifying for the Football World Cup 2010 with the national team of Rwanda in part.