John George I, Duke of Saxe-Eisenach

Johann Georg I of Saxe- Eisenach ( * July 12, 1634 in Weimar, † September 19, 1686 at the Hunting Lodge Prunftau of Wilhelmsthal during the hunt ) was Duke of Saxe- Eisenach and was descended from the Ernestine branch of the House of Wettin.

Johann Wilhelm was born as the younger son of the Duke Wilhelm IV of Saxe- Weimar and his wife, Eleonore Dorothea, née Princess of Anhalt- Dessau.


In 1655 he went as a colonel in kurbrandenburgsche services where he first commanded a regiment of horse. On October 8, 1658, he became major general and fought in Poland. Subsequently, he was appointed Imperial Field Marshal Lieutenant.

After the death of his father in 1662 initially inherited by his older brother Johann Ernst II to the throne of the duchy of Saxe -Weimar, another brother Adolf Wilhelm received Saxe- Eisenach. Johann Georg I received the new Duchy of Saxe -Eisenach, the income from a number of offices and took up his residence in Mark Suhl.

Adolf Wilhelm died in 1668, his son William August was Duke, but since this was still a toddler, Johann Georg I led for this the regency and was also guardian of the new Duke. Wilhelm August died in 1671 as a three year old and now the duchy fell to Johann Georg I, who thus became the founder of the younger branch of the Dukes of Saxe- Eisenach, which existed until 1741.

He employed the poet Kaspar Stieler as chamber, feudal and court secretary.

Under the company name, the costume end, he was accepted as a member of the literary Fruitbearing society.


Johann Georg I married Johanetta of Sayn-Wittgenstein ( 1626-1701 ). With her he had the following children who reached adulthood:

  • Eleonore Erdmuthe Luise (1662-1696), first married in 1681 Margrave Johann Friedrich of Brandenburg- Ansbach, then in 1692 the Elector John George IV of Saxony
  • Friedrich August (1663-1684, fallen), Hereditary Prince of Saxe- Eisenach
  • Johann Georg II (1665-1698), Duke of Saxe- Eisenach
  • Johann Wilhelm (1666-1729), Duke of Saxe- Eisenach
  • Friederike Elisabeth (1669-1739), married in 1698 Duke Johann Georg of Saxe- Weissenfels