Ju Kwang-min

Ju Kwang- min (born 20 May 1990) is a North Korean football goalkeeper.


Ju has performed internationally as a player of the sports group locomotive ( " Kigwancha " ) in appearance.

For North Korean team selection, he was already active internationally at youth level. In 2005, he was first-choice goalkeeper at the U- 17 World Cup in Peru in 2005, when they failed after extension to Brazil in the quarter -finals. In 2006 he was captained by Kim Kum- il, with whom he also took part in the U -20 World Cup in Canada at winning the U-19 Asia Cup regular keeper of the U -20 team in 2007. There ranged draw against Panama and the Czech Republic and a 0-1 defeat against eventual champions Argentina not to reach the knockout round.

As a result, operations in the North Korean Olympic team (U -23) joined, it was during qualifying for the Olympic football tournament in 2008 between the posts, as they remained in the final qualifying round behind Australia and Iraq as well as in the East Asian Games in 2009, where you a medal rank just missed two penalty kicks in the semifinals and lost the 3rd place match.

At its debut in the North Korean national team came Ju 2007 in the two first-round games of the World Cup qualifiers against Mongolia. In the other qualifier was Ri Myong- guk and Kim Myong -gil were each in the squad. Ju came instead at the AFC Challenge Cup 2008 in all parts used, missed with the team but by a 0-1 semi-final defeat of the possible qualification for the Asian Cup 2011. Two years later he took again with a B- selection as a goalkeeper in the AFC Challenge Cup part. Here we reached the finals in which one prevailed on penalties to Turkmenistan and thus still realized qualifying for the Asian Cup. Ju had in the five tournament games only in the two games against Turkmenistan to accept each one goal and parried the penalty of the sixth Turkmen Protect and secured his team so that the tournament win.