The squire head is an approximately 453 m above sea level. NN high mountain in the Reinhard Forest near Marie village in northern Hesse Kassel district.

Geographical location

The mostly wooded Junker head is in the southwest of the Reinhard Forest about 3.7 kilometers east of Marie village (northern district of Immenhausen ), about 2.5 km east of the residential area Ahlberg ( at Ahlberg ) and about 4 kilometers north of Holzhausen ( (as the crow flies) Eastern district of Immenhausen ). Its summit region is located on the by the Reinhardswald leading from Holzhausen Veckerhagen country road 3232, from a few kilometers north of the Junker head a road branches off, where you can go to Sababurg and after Gottsbüren. About 200 m southwest of the summit region is the natural monument court oak.

Mountain height

The squire head is about 453 m high. On the passing of his summit region L 3232 can be found 452.9 m height topographic maps, but this does not necessarily represents the highest mountain location. About 550 m to the west lies under a forest path, a survey point ( ⊙ 51.4541944444449.5346388888889 ) to 451.5 m.


The squire head is on the Diemel Fulda watershed, which is part of the Diemel-Eder/Fulda/Weser-Wasserscheide: During the Easter stream southward into the Fulda and then flows into the Weser, runs the Lempe, approximately 2.7 kilometers north-northwest of Osterbach source beyond the mountain springs, mostly northwestward into the forge, which tends on the Diemel to the north of the river Weser. SSW also arises from the Holzkape, which flows to the west and ends not far away in the forge.