Justine Bateman

Justine Bateman ( born February 19, 1966 in Rye, New York ) is an American actress and the older sister of actor Jason Bateman.


At the age of three she moved with her brother and her parents of Rye, New York, to Boston, where she lived for only four years and it ultimately took her and her family to Salt Lake City and after another four years after California. Your school she made ​​in 1982 in California.

The first time she came for a commercial for Wheaties ( U.S. cereal brand ) before the camera. However, she is best known for the television series Family Ties (English Family Ties ), which was recorded from 1982 to 1989. She took over the role of Mallory Keaton on the side of Michael J. Fox, who played her brother Alex Keaton. For this role she was nominated twice for an Emmy. In 2008, she finally starred in four episodes of the dramedy Desperate Housewives, the role of drug dealer Ellie Leonard.

Bateman is married to Mark Fluent and has two children with him.