Family Ties

Family ties ( in the original: Family Ties ) is an American family sitcom that was developed in 1982 by Gary David Goldberg for the NBC network. The series ran for seven seasons and came up with a total of 180 episodes. The last episode was aired on May 14, 1989 in the United States. For Michael J. Fox this series was the beginning of his Hollywood career.

The title of the German version of the series changed hands several times. The consequences of the first season that aired in 1984 by ZDF, ran under the name of help, we will grow up!. When private broadcaster RTL, the series was called the family ties, ProSieben and ORF she was called Family Ties.

The title song Without Us is sung in the original version of Johnny Mathis and the R & B singer Deniece Williams.


The focus of the series is the family Keaton from Columbus ( Ohio). One hand there are the parents of Steven and Elyse Keaton, who met the mid-60s during a demonstration against the Vietnam War and are influenced by the spirit of the '68 movement. Elyse works as an architect, Steven as a journalist for a local television station. Both are trying to follow their ideals from the sixties. Pay attention to environmental protection, civil rights and believe in the good in people.

On the other side are their children who can not always follow the values ​​of their parents and be based more on conservative zeitgeist of the United States under President Ronald Reagan. In particular son Alex is the liberal views of his parents towards negative. His most important is reading the Wall Street Journal, he is a supporter of the Republican admired Nixon and Reagan, and the hippie ideals of his parents provide some conflict. Mallory, the eldest daughter, is not the brightest and sources of interest are for fashion and boys. Her sister Jennifer, however, is precocious and always on the ground of reality.


The series has won multiple Emmy. Michael J. Fox received a total of three times the coveted television award for his role as Alex Keaton. In addition, there was for him a Golden Globe Award.


  • Michael J. Fox learned during the filming of his future wife, Tracy Pollan know who starred in the series for two seasons Alex's girlfriend Ellen Reed.
  • Ronald Reagan was a big fan of the series. Michael J. Fox received from Reagan's campaign team the offer to participate as a speaker for Reagan's re-election. Fox rejected the offer on the grounds that he was a Canadian citizen and have also other political views as Alex Keaton.
  • In the series Spin City the audience learns in the episodes 99/100 of the fourth season that Alex Keaton has brought to Washington, where he served as Secretary of State of Ohio has a meeting with Mike Flaherty in the White House. In addition, Michael Gross has a guest appearance in the episode.

Guest appearances

  • In the sixth and seventh season Courteney Cox played Alex's girlfriend, Lauren.
  • In the first and second season, Tom Hanks has a guest role as Elyses younger brother, Ned Donnelly.
  • In the third season Geena Davis plays the domestic help Karen Nicholson.
  • In the fourth season gets Alex tutoring math genius Eugene Forbes, played by River Phoenix.
  • In the seventh season played Maura Tierney, known as Abby Lockhart on the television series ER, in the episode " The Night of the Flying Fish" (1989 ) Darlene, a classmate from Skippy.

DVD Release

2011 and 2012 the first two seasons of the series have been published in German dubbed version.