Kamenets Raion

The Rajon Kamjanez (White Russian Камянецкі раён; Russian Каменецкий район ) is an administrative unit in the west of Breszkaja Woblasz in Belarus. The Rajon has an area of 1,690 km ², comprises 234 villages and is divided into a Passawet and 14 Selsawets. The administrative center is the city Kamjanez.


The Rajon Kamjanez is located in the west of Breszkaja Woblasz. The Nachbarrajone in Breszkaja Woblasz are in the northeast Pruzhany, Kobryn in the east, southeast and south Schabinka Brest.

The main rivers are the bow, with its tributaries Ljasnaja and Pulwa.

Administrative divisions

  • Selsawet Agarodniki
  • Selsawet Belaweschski
  • Selsawet Dmitrawitschy
  • Selsawet Kalenkawitschy
  • Selsawet Kamjanjuki
  • Selsawet Nawizkawitschy
  • Selsawet Pjalischtscha
  • Selsawet Rasna
  • Selsawet Rataitschyzy
  • Selsawet Retschyza
  • Selsawet Widomlja
  • Selsawet Wjarchowitschy
  • Selsawet Wojskaja
  • Selsawet Woutschyn