Kilchberg, Zürich

Kilchberg seen from Zollikon from

Kilchberg is a municipality in the district of Horgen in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland. It is located on the western shore of Lake Zurich.

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From the municipality is 26.4 % are agricultural land, 2% is forest, 58 % is built-up area and 13 % serve the traffic.



In Kilchberg the headquarters of the famous chocolate maker Lindt & Sprüngli is. It is the oldest and only major industrial enterprise in the community. The company, founded in 1845 has its operating since 1899 at its present location on the lakeside.


The Alemanne Bankilo probably the real founder Kilchbergs - have been - or more precisely Bendlikons. He settled at the end of the 5th century at the mouth of the creek in the village of Lake Zurich. As the name " Kilchberg " the church is mentioned on the mountain for the first time in 1248. In the Old Zurich War, the wooden church was burned by the Confederates and later replaced by a massive stone building has since been renovated several times. Since 1935 Kilchberg also has a Roman Catholic church. The current building, which was built by the architect André M. Studer and Saint Elizabeth is dedicated, dates from the year 1967. In 1975, the then headed by Dominican Sanitas hospital moved from the confines in a spacious new building in the countryside in Kilchberg.

Originally Kilchberg was a farming village. In addition to the farmers, the most important acquisition was to the 17th century, the wine, the skipper of Bendlikon have to mention the anxious passenger and goods transport with the city of Zurich. In the 17th and 18th centuries the home work of the cotton spinners and mousseline Weber came to a certain flower.

In the 18th century, the porcelain factory and later the faience for Kilchberg had a special meaning. In the only 28 -year history of Schooren Porcelain Manufactory created diverse, hand-painted tableware, but also a wealth of individual figures and groups of figures. Until 1869 then only faience and earthenware utensils were fabricated.


The Cantonal elections in 2011 resulted in the following percentage of voters in Kilchberg: The Swiss People's Party (SVP ) 25.44 %, the Social Democratic Party of Switzerland ( SP) 10:21 %, the Free Democratic Party ( FDP) 29.52 %, the Green Party of Switzerland ( Green ) 9.82 %, the Christian Democratic people's Party ( CVP) 5:18 %, the Green Liberal Party ( glp ) 12.76 % and the Evangelical People's Party (EPP) 1.67 %. Mayor Jean -Marc Groh.

The elections to the municipal council, the Audit Commission, the School Commission, the social and Guardianship Commission, the Health and Sport Commission and the Building Committee had revealed the following share of the vote in 2006: FDP 36%, Association of nonparty 30 %, SVP 16 %, CVP 10 %, GP 3%, 2%, no party, GLP 1.0%, 0.6% diverse.


Reformed Church Kilchberg, before the tomb of Conrad Ferdinand Meyer

Lindt & Sprüngli

Grave of Thomas, Katia, Erika, Monica, Michael and Elisabeth Mann



  • Friedel Bohny Rider (1912-2001), nurse, grew from 1920 at Mann's foster family.
  • Rudolf Gwerb ( 1483 - after 1541), pastor and reformer
  • Charles Linsmayer (* 1945), literary scholar and writer, was born here.
  • Alfred Marxer (1876-1945), painter, lived from 1915 until his death in Kilchberg.
  • Erwin Poeschel (1884-1965), lawyer and art historian, died here.
  • Eduard Schweingruber (1899-1975), theologian, 1942-1964 had held the Reformed parish here.
  • Erika dispute (1910-2011), painter, was from 1943 until her death here resident.
  • Warren Thew (1927-1984), pianist, composer, poet and illustrator, lived from 1956 in Kilchberg.
  • Hedi Wyss ( born 1940 ), writer and journalist, lives here.

Celebrity graves

On the Kilchberger cemetery are the graves of famous people such as

  • Conrad Ferdinand Meyer (1825-1898), poet
  • Friedrich Wilhelm Foerster (1869-1966), philosopher, educator and pacifist
  • Ludwig Klages (1872-1956), philosopher, psychologist and a graphologist
  • Thomas Mann (1875-1955) and his family members (except Klaus Mann )
  • Ferdinand Lion (1883-1968), journalist and writer
  • Gert Westphal (1920-2002), director, actor and reciter


  • Kilchberg Germany (Tübingen) (Baden- Württemberg) since 1981