Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park

IUCN Category II - National Park


Total 39 km ²

  • Kisite Park: 28 km ²
  • Mpunguti Reserve: 11 km ²

The Kisite - Mpunguti Marine National Park is a national park on the south coast of Kenya near the border with Tanzania. The Marine National Park encompasses the Kisite Park with an area of ​​28 square kilometers and the Mpunguti Reserve, an eleven square kilometers of marine area with four small islands surrounded by a coral reef.

The species-rich coral reef provides a habitat for over 250 species of fish such as triggerfish, moray eels, angelfish, scorpion fish and rays as well as for soups and hawksbill turtles and dolphins. Depending on the season, humpback whales and whale sharks are to be found.

There are caves with freshwater sources whose origin in Kilimanjaro more than 200 kilometers away, is assumed.