Central Island

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Central Iceland (also Crocodile Iceland ) is to South Iceland 's second largest island in Lake Turkana in Kenya. Central Iceland has an area of ​​approximately five square kilometers.


Due to the island the boundary runs in a north-south direction at 36 ° 03'20 "E between the provinces or districts of the Rift Valley ( Turkana District ) and Eastern ( Marsabit District ). The eastern third of the island lies in the Eastern Province. The island is part of a national park, which is why a fee is due upon visit.

The island is uninhabited but has three accommodation facilities for visitors:

  • Oasis Lodge
  • Lobolo Tented Camp ( camp )
  • Allia Bay Guest House ( self-catering )


The island is a volcano with three crater lakes with different salt concentrations, the Crocodile Lake, Flamingo Lake and Tilapia Lake. The volcano itself is a dormant volcano, which sometimes releases sulfur clouds. The two largest craters are almost a kilometer long and 80 meters deep. The highest elevation on the island reached 550 meters above sea level. NN or 175 meters above the lake.


The climate is hot and dry. See: Climate in Kenya


Central Iceland is the breeding zone for the Nile crocodile. There are about 12,000 crocodiles. Flamingo Lake can be sometimes seen flamingos hosts.


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