IUCN Category II - National Park


The Arabuko Sokoke Arabuko Sokoke National Park is located in the forest on the Kenyan coast, 110 kilometers north of Mombasa.


The National Park covers with only six square kilometers over only a small part of the 420 km ² coastal rain forest in East Africa, with its large number of endemic mammals, birds and plants. The entire forest was originally made ​​as a Crown Park in 1943 under protection. 1991, mainly for the protection of six bird species and the endangered Zanzibar duiker and the Golden trunk puppy, a small portion is recognized as a national park. Trying to deport a large part of the forest as a national park failed because of the resistance of the population. Various international organizations are working with the Kenya Wildlife Service to get together at the park.

Plant world

The area is home to three types of forest, mixed forest, Brachystegia and Cynometra.


The golden elephant shrew, Rhynchocyon chrysopygus, an endemic elephant shrew the size of a hare, is the most remarkable mammal in this Park. In addition, here is the Sokoke Bushy -tailed Mongoose and the Zanzibar duiker, a Zwergantilopenart. Both species are native only here and on Zanzibar. Spreads are also forest elephants, civet cats, and hamadryas baboons and Vervet Monkeys. The simplicity Bartvogel here has its northernmost distribution area. The park is also known for its amphibian diversity.