KP is the abbreviation for:

  • Казённое Предприятие, Russian for public companies
  • Kansanpuolue ( People's Party ), a former Finnish party, see People's Party of Finland
  • Purchase price, see list of abbreviations (Apartment Listings)
  • Kim Possible, the animated series of The Walt Disney Company from the years 2002 to 2007
  • Communist Party, a political party seeking to communism ( classless society ) and social order
  • Party van Suid -Afrika Konserwatiewe, a former party in South Africa, see Conservative Party (South Africa)
  • Creatine phosphate, creatine see
  • Critique and practice, Berlin, an anti-fascist group from Berlin
  • North Korea, after the country code of ISO 3166

KP as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Greece: Corinth
  • UK: Northampton
  • Kazakhstan: Police
  • Macedonia: Kriva Palanka
  • Netherlands: Army ( with only two letters)
  • Norway: Drammen in the province Buskerud
  • Slovenia: Koper, German: Gafers, Italian: Koper, Croat. Kopar

Kp is an abbreviation for:

  • Boiling point, boiling point see
  • Company (military )

Kp stands for:

  • Proportional gain with a controller

KP is an abbreviation for:

  • No plan or no problem; see list of abbreviations (network jargon ) # K

Kp is an abbreviation for:

  • Kilopond, an obsolete physical unit for power, see kilopond
  • The spelling of a sound in West African languages ​​, see labial velar plosive

K · p stands for:

  • K · p method, the scalar product of the wave vector k and the quantum mechanical momentum operator p

. kp stands for:

  • . kp, country code top -level domain ( ccTLD) of North Korea

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