Krambambula (drink)

Krambambuli (also: Crambambuli ) is a spirit with intense red color ( see also: The salmon Danzig) originally in the liqueur factory of Isaac Wedel links and Eydam Dirck Hekker in Gdansk was made, from which also the even more famous Danziger Goldwasser came. Later, both products were produced and distributed by the Counts of Hardenberg grain distillery. Components of Krambambuli are extracts of juniper berries and brandy.

The name Krambambuli consists of the words Krandewitt ( Crane wood, another name for juniper ) and the rotwelschen word Blamp ( alcoholic drink ) together.

The student associations the name Krambambuli is used due to the color similarity for brandy punch, mulled wine or other drinks wine since the 19th century.

Krambambuli in poetry and song

" Krambambuli " is the title of a student song, which was written in 1745 by Christoph Friedrich Wedekind under the pseudonym Crescentius Coromandel ..

The song was rewritten and expanded several times, among other things, there is a version with over 100 verses. A variant was finally in the General German Kommersbuch, the most important collection of student songs recorded.

Krambambuli in the literature

Well known is the story Krambambuli of Marie von Ebner -Eschenbach, in which a dog is sold or purchased for twelve bottles Danziger cherry brandy. The buyer, a hunter who names the dog after that drink. The story has been filmed several times.