Kutaisi Auto Mechanical Plant

Kutaisski Awtomobilny Zavod (KAS ) (Russian Кутаисский автомобильный завод ( КАЗ ); Georgian ქუთაისის საავტომობილო ქარხანა, kutaissis saawtomobilo karchana; translated Kutaissier automobile plant, also abbreviated KAZ ) is a former commercial vehicle manufacturers of the Soviet Union. KAS was founded in 1951 in the city of Kutaisi in the Georgian SSR. In the same year the production of trucks was recorded. In 1991, the production of motor vehicles has been completed. Since 2009, there is a trade cooperation with MAN.

Truck models

KAZ -150

The first vehicle was the truck KAZ -150, a slightly modified version of the ZIS- 150 ( later SIL SIS ) was prepared in Moscow since 1947 in the Stalin plant. The components of the KAZ -150 were supplied by CIS and mounted in Kutaisi. From 1961 KAS made ​​the parts themselves

Other models of the 1950s were the KAZ -600 and the KAZ - 120, there were as KAZ -716 as a semi-trailer with a specially designed for the transport of cotton trailer.

KAZ -606 and successor

The most built truck from KAS was the KAZ -606 Colchis, which was produced with its modifications and subsequent models KAZ - 606A, KAZ KAZ -608 and 608B - 1958-1991. The original version was a 5 -ton truck and had a 6-liter V8 engine, which made ​​140 hp. The short wheelbase of the truck allowing considerable maneuverability when driving on mountain passes.

Also the types KAZ KAZ 4502 and 4540 were produced in the 1980s.