Bryansky Avtomobilny Zavod


The company was founded in June 1958 as a branch factory of car maker Zavod imeni Lichatschowa. Initially it was planned to connect to an existing steel mill a tool production. However, the early 1960s were manufactured components for the BTR -152 and various amphibious vehicles. At least since 1961 different heavy chain caterpillars have been developed and produced. Such was the Bulldozer T- 180, which has been exported to various countries, including the GDR, one of the first in-house developments of the work. At peak times, up to 1400 of these machines were produced per year.

Also in the first half of the 1960s, the company has received an extensive government contract for the production of heavy off-road trucks. These were mainly designed for the military as a mobile missile launchers. From development to serial production all tasks have been taken over by BAZ. The most prominent product of this period is the ZIL -135, which was still to be developed at ZIL, has already been made ​​to some prototypes completely at BAZ. Additional, primarily used by the military, vehicles produced at BAZ were:

The model series BAZ-5937/5938/5939. It was spread worldwide as a basic and Nachladefahrzeug the Osa air defense missile system. The high cross-country mobility and amphibious capability made ​​this system unique in the 1970s.

The models BAZ-5921/BAZ-5922 (from 1974) served as the basis or supply vehicles for tactical ground -to-ground missile complex 9K79 Tochka which was used in a number of Warsaw Pact armies. The short-range missile system R- 400 Oka based on the four-axle derivative BAZ-6944/6950.

From 1967, additional parts such as axles, gears and winches for mass produced in ZIL -131 were produced. In the early 1980s it was decided at the political level to provide production capacity for up to 165,000 small diesel engines per year in Bryansk automobile plant. These should be used in various machines and vehicles of Soviet production. To what extent and how far this company has been implemented is not known. The fact is that at BAZ no more engines are produced today.

As of 1990, there were efforts to establish an extensive production of vans at BAZ. 1994 we finally had the capacity to about 2,000 transporters per year to produce, but dropped out after dissolution of the CMEA the market for vehicles manufactured in Russia largely together. In addition, the competitiveness was doubtful with foreign manufacturers.

After 1994 to 1996 only 157 vehicles of the types BAZ- 3782 and BAZ- 3783 could be sold, the product line was discontinued entirely. The car plant, which a few years earlier had approximately 18,000 employees, stopped operating almost completely.

Current production

The massive economic problems of the 1990s forced the factory to specialize on their core competence, the construction of heavy off-road trucks. The first new model was the BAZ- 6909, which came in the second half of the 1990s in series. Today, the plant mainly manufactures chassis without bodies. For an undercarriage for heavy automotive cranes are built. For other vehicles for special-purpose bodies. These models generally over -wheel drive, are very terrain and rank within a range of 14-40 tons payload. By his own testimony BAZ in this area is the market leader in Russia. The trucks are both to the military and to civilian customers, eg the oil industry, was sold. Especially the Russian military presents itself as a good customer, as part of the modernization of the armed forces senior military trucks to be retired from the Belarusian production and corresponding domestic brands are preferred. Especially as a transport and launch vehicles for missiles or base vehicles for radar antennas find out the current models are widely used. In the current program of the manufacturer are:

Crane undercarriage

  • KSCN - 8973 for 100 - tonne mobile cranes
  • BAZ- 8027 for 32- ton mobile cranes

Terrain transitions truck

  • BAZ- 64031 (8x8 ) to 24 tonnes GVW
  • BAZ- 6403 (8x8) Tractor to 90 -ton gross weight of the tractor-trailer
  • BAZ- 64022 (6x6) tractor to 50.6 ton gross weight of the tractor-trailer
  • BAZ- 69099 ( 12x12 ) to 64.3 tonnes GVW
  • BAZ- 69096 ( 10x8 ) to 54.3 tonnes GVW
  • BAZ- 690 902 (8x8) to 39 tonnes GVW
  • BAZ- 6909.8 (8x8) to 42 tonnes GVW
  • BAZ- 69095 (6x6) to 30 tons permissible total weight

BAZ- 64022 - tractors of the S -400 air defense missile system

BAZ- 6403.01 - Tractor