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NATI (Russian Научный автотракторный институт ) was a Soviet institute in the field of vehicles.

Company History

The scientific National Institute for the automotive and tractor industry of the USSR was established in 1930 in Moscow. In the same year, the development of an automobile began. The brand name was NATI. 1932 production ended. Then other types of vehicles have been developed. These included buses ( NATI NATI - CIS -AR and 8), a motorcycle and sidecar ( NATI A 750 ), a diesel engine ( NATI 1-60 ) and tractors. The latter were sold in Eastern Europe. Around 1960, the company was dissolved.

Rolling stock

The only model was the NATI 2, which was created in 1932. For driving caused an air-cooled four-cylinder engine with 1221 cc and 22 hp. A total of two sedans, a two-seater roadster, a four-seat touring car and a pickup truck emerged.

The developed motorcycle was manufactured 1932-1939 by Podolski Motocykletny Sawod in Podolsk in series.