KV35 Tomb of Amenhotep II

Located in the Valley of the Kings Egyptian tomb KV35 is the grave of Pharaoh Amenhotep II of the 18th Dynasty, which was discovered on 9 March 1898 by Victor Loret team of Egyptologists. The grave was next to the protection of the corpse of the Pharaoh as a hiding place of the mummies of the pharaohs Thutmose IV, Amenhotep III. , Ramses IV, Ramses V and Merenptah, which were hidden in the 21st dynasty there.

In grave discovered finds and decorations

The grave was indeed fallen victim to grave robbers for thousands of years, yet besides the numerous mummies additional findings were discovered. The main findings were the sarcophagus of Amenhotep II of quartzite, Uschebtifiguren faience, wood and stone, statues made ​​of wood with the pictures of the pharaoh and various gods, made ​​of glass, stone and faience, a boat model made ​​of wood, a funeral papyrus and a Kanopenkiste from calcite.

The walls and pillars of the tomb were sumptuously decorated. A complete version of Imydwat was located on the walls. The pillars show the pharaoh to the gods Osiris, Hathor and Anubis. The ceiling of the tomb was decorated with stars on a dark blue - black background. Content details thematically belong to the dean lists C, which are first documented in the grave of Senmut.

Tourism in the grave

In 1994, the grave was closed for renovation reasons for five years, while a wooden floor was laid in the grave and renewed the lighting.