KZ1 (yacht)

The KZ1 was the New Zealand challenger in the America's Cup in 1988.

The KZ1, designed by Bruce Farr, was sailed by David Barnes along with a 40 -strong crew of the Mercury Bay Boating Club in Whitianga. Because of their size, the KZ1 was nicknamed Big Boat or even because of the unusual deck aircraft carrier. The boat was funded by the New Zealand banker Sir Michael Fay. The boat was and is possibly the fastest Einrumpfsegelboot.

The idea behind this unusual design was the American Cup defender challenge with a unique design, so not to let potential competitors arise in the first. The usual construction of the America's Cup yachts since 1958 was followed by the 12-meter class. The draft KZ1 was based, however, on the maximum values ​​that are in the Deed of Gift, the basic rules of the America's Cup, set. Since the American skipper Dennis Conner challenged remained no time to be developed just as big a boat, it was decided to build a catamaran. At first it was questionable whether a multihull is allowed at all.

The Stars & Stripes won, as expected, the 27th edition of the America's Cup against the KZ1.

There was extensive litigation before and after the race, during which the New Zealanders despite the defeat in the race the Cup were initially awarded, but ultimately lost it again on appeal.

The KZ1 is now an exhibit in front of the National Maritime Museum in Auckland.


  • Crew: 30 to 40
  • Length over all: 36.57 m (120 ft)
  • Length ( on the waterline ): 27.43 m (90 ft)
  • Width: 8:07 m (26 ft 6 in )
  • Draft: 6.40 m ( 21 ft )
  • Sail area ( the wind ): 627 m² ( 6749 ft ²)
  • Sail area ( from the wind ): 1,600 m² ( 17,300 ft ²)
  • Mast height: 46.78 m (153 ft 6 in )
  • Displacement: 39 tons
  • Hull Material: carbon fiber, Kevlar / Nomex sandwich
  • Class: Free, 90 -foot LOA


This table compares the size of the KZ1 with some of her famous great predecessors:

  • America's Cup
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