La finta semplice

  • Fracasso, Hungarian captain (Tenor)
  • Rosina, the alleged simpleton; Baroness (soprano )
  • Don Polidero, simple-minded nobleman (Tenor)
  • Don Cassandro, simple-minded and stingy Edelmann ( bass)
  • Giacinta, sister of Don and Don Cassandro Polidero (soprano )
  • Ninetta, maid (soprano )
  • Simone, Sergeant ( bass)

La finta semplice ( Eng.: The Pretend simplicity ), KV 51 is an opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It was premiered on 1 May 1769 in Salzburg. At the suggestion of Emperor Joseph II towards Mozart composed the first time an opera buffa. Intrigues prevented the work already in the year of 1768 came to the performance.


Main characters are Cassandro and his naive younger brother Polidoro, the lead together with the youngest, virginal sister Giacinta on their land castle near Cremona a solitary bachelorhood. The brothers harboring in their house the Hungarian Captain Fracasso and his Sergeant Simone. Since Don Cassandro was once of a woman treated badly, he plays the misogynist. Its also unmarried brother Don Polidoro, who would prefer to readjust every woman is under the thumb of his brother and must also keep away from the women. Fracasso falls in love with Don and Don Polidoro Cassandro sister Giacinta, Simone in their maid Ninetta. The only way to move the misogynist to consent to the marriage plans of the sister appears to be a ruse: Fracasso wise sister, Baroness Rosina, adopt simple and courts alike both brothers. When they notice that they are rivals, another list brings them so confused that Cassandro finally agrees to the wedding of Jacinta and Fracasso.