Lambayeque (Region)

Lambayeque (Spanish Región Lambayeque Quechua Lanpalliqi suyu ) is a region in northwestern Peru. Covering an area of ​​14,213 km ² 1,112,868 inhabitants (2007). The capital is Chiclayo. In this region, the pre-Inca Chimu cultures, Mochica and Sicán existed ( Lambayeque ).


At the located on the Pacific region includes the islands of Punta Chérrepe, Lobos de Tierra and Lobos de Afuera.


The region is divided into three provinces and 38 districts:

Province ( capital )


The majority of Spanish-speaking population is concentrated on the location on the coast region Chiclayo.

In belonging to the province Ferreñafe remote districts Incahuasi and Cañaris there is still a majority quechuasprachige population ( Inkawasi - Kanaris ). Until the early 20th century also Muchik was spoken on the coast.