Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom (* August 4, 1961 in Chicago, Illinois, USA) is a Sino - American actress and voice actress.

Life and achievements

Lauren Tom was born in 1961 in Chicago, where she grew up as a Catholic in a largely Jewish neighborhood. In her youth she was often raised because of their Chinese origin, which caused them to be a rather introverted person. Nevertheless, she devoted herself from an early age to dance and was already at the age of 17 years experience with the ensemble of the musical A Chorus Line, as was this formation on tour. Only a few months she was on Broadway, where she starred, among others, in Hurlyburly and Doonesbury and was allowed to work at various venues with well-known theater directors such as Peter Sellars and JoAnne Akalaitis. In addition to her stage work, she also launched a comprehensive film and television career. She worked from 1982 in guest roles, and later in supporting roles in television series and films with before her larger roles were offered in most television productions such as The Joy Luck Club (1993). In the 1990s, she also starred in several successful television series such as Friends (1995 /96) and worked more as a voice actor for various film and series projects. One of her more famous roles is the voice of Amy Wong in Futurama Marsianerin (1999-2003 and since 2010).

Filmography (selection)