Lee Fisher

Lee Fisher ( born August 7, 1951 in Ann Arbor, Michigan ) is an American politician (Democratic Party). He held office between 8 January 2007, and January 10, 2011 as Lieutenant Governor of Ohio.


Fisher graduated from Oberlin College and later at the Law School Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. Politically, he worked first as a deputy in the House of Representatives from Ohio, where he served 1981-1982; immediately afterwards he was a state senator, a position he held until 1990.

1991 Lee Fisher for Attorney General ( Minister of Justice ) was elected from Ohio. A post he held until 1995; in the attempt to re-election, he defeated Republican Betty Montgomery of. In the presidential elections in 1992, he was one of the representatives of Ohio in the Electoral College, the Bill Clinton elected as the new U.S. president.

In 1998, Fisher ran for governor of Ohio, but lost very narrowly Republican Bob Taft. He subsequently retreated initially retired from politics. As Taft after his second term in 2006 no longer allowed to stand, it was initially speculated Fisher could reapply to the highest public office. Ultimately, he took up as a running mate of Democratic candidate Ted Strickland, after which a clear victory over Republican Ken Blackwell, he took over the post of Lieutenant Governor. He led in the state government of Ohio and the Department of Development.

Fisher applied in November 2010 for the succession of not more candidates U.S. Senator George Voinovich of the Republican Party. His opponent, Republican Rob Portman, sat down but ultimately with a clear lead through and moved in January 2011 in the Congress. Shortly thereafter, Lee Fisher handed the office of Lieutenant Governor in the Republican Mary Taylor.