John William Brown

John William Brown (born 28 December 1913 in Athens, Ohio; † 29 October 1993 in Medina, Ohio ) was an American politician and in 1957 the 58th Governor of the state of Ohio.

Early years and political rise

Brown attended by 1932 high school in Lancaster. Since November 1941 he has been resident in Medina. He was a member of the highway patrol of Ohio; in World War II he served in the U.S. Coast Guard. After the war, he worked on various commercial areas. He was, for example, in the real estate business, engaged in trading and insurance.

Between 1950 and 1953, Brown was mayor of his home town Medina. In 1952 he was elected Lieutenant Governor of Ohio. In 1956, he competed unsuccessfully for the Republican nomination for the upcoming gubernatorial election.

Governor of Ohio

On January 3, 1957 joined the incumbent Governor Frank J. Listen, a Democrat, from his office to carry out its mandate in the U.S. Senate. So had John Brown, who was still vice governor, terminate its remaining term until 14 January 1957 as governor. In these eleven days he could not move much as governor. Then he called for more money for education policy and pushed for the preservation of the natural resources of the state. He also arranged in a strike against a telephone company.

More political career

After the end of his short time as governor, he was from 1959 to 1960 deputy in the House of Representatives from Ohio. Between 1963 and 1975 he was again deputy governor of his state. In 1974, failed in his attempt to be elected a second time in this office. He was also president of an insurance company and supreme commander of the military and naval department of the National Guard of Ohio (Ohio Military and Naval Forces). John Brown died in 1993. He was married to Violet A. Helman, with whom he had a daughter.