Leona Roberts

Leona Roberts ( born July 26, 1879 in Mills, Illinois Leona Harneteaux; † January 29, 1954 in Santa Monica, California ) was an American theater and film actress.

Life and career

Leona Roberts was born under the name Leona Harneteaux in a small village in Illinois. In 1926 Roberts on her debut by Broadway, where she worked with nearly 40 pieces was a very busy supporting actress for the next twenty years. In 1926 she gave her film debut in the silent film Poor Mrs. Jones, but it was only from 1937 onwards, she began regularly making films. They often embodied in supporting roles maternal figures. Your probably best-known role was the somewhat snooty Mrs. Meade in the film classic Gone with the Wind. In the screwball comedy Bringing Up Baby, she appeared as annoyed wife of a drunken gardener. She also starred in the films Of Human Hearts and Abe Lincoln in Illinois. 1941 adopted Roberts back from Hollywood and went back to Broadway, where she still played until 1945. End of the 1940s, she had supporting roles in four films, before 1949 completely retired from acting.

Her younger sister was the actress Edith Roberts ( 1899-1935 ). Roberts was the daughter of actress Josephine Hutchinson if she was married, however, is unknown.

Filmography (selection)