Linamar Corporation is an international automotive supplier headquartered in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Linamar the second largest Canadian automotive supplier Magna International after. The company supplies spare parts and components for various automotive manufacturers and the industry. The company is listed on the stock exchange. The company has several manufacturing plants in North America, Europe and Asia. The company employs approximately 19,000 employees in 37 production centers, five development and engineering departments as well as 11 sales offices in Canada, USA, Germany, Hungary, Great Britain, South Korea, and China.


The company was founded on August 17, 1966 by Frank Hasenfratz as Linamar Machine Limited in Ariss, Ontario. The name Linamar goes back to his two daughters, Linda and Nancy, and his wife Margaret.

In 1996, the investments in Portage Manufacturing and Western Combine Corporation were sold to AGCO.



  • Guelph: among others, Ariss Mfg. , Autocom Mfg. , Camcor Mfg.. , Camtac Mfg. , Cemtol Mfg..
  • Windsor: Exkor Manufacturing.


  • Iowa: Skyjack Mfg.
  • Kentucky: Eagle Manufacturing CO., LTD. L.L.C.
  • Michigan: .. Linamar Sales Corp., Linamar USA INC, McLaren Performance Technologies INC.


  • Oroshaza: Linamar Products Division (LPD ), OROS Division ( OROS )
  • Bekescaba: Precision Part Manufacturing Division (PPM )


  • Givors: Linamar Famer industry
  • Linamar Famer Rivoire
  • Linamar Famer transmission

Great Britain

  • Linamar Automotive Systems Swansea Company Limited, Crymlyn Burrows, Neath Port Talbot


  • Crimmitschau (Saxony ): Linamar Antriebstechnik GmbH, Linamar Powertrain GmbH
  • Warnstedt / Thale (Sachsen- Anhalt): Linamar Valvetrain GmbH
  • Reinsdorf (Saxony ): Linamar Engine Components GmbH


  • Engicom
  • Industrias de Linamar S. A. de C.V.
  • Linamar de Mexico S. A. de C.V. Saltillo, Coahuila
  • ILSA


  • Linamar Automotive Systems Korea Ltd..
  • Linamar Automotive Systems ( WUXI ) Co. Ltd..
  • Linamar Asia- Pacific Group (China) Sales Office
  • Linamar Japan Sales Office