Lothair II

Lothar II (c. 835; † August 8th 869 at Piacenza ) of the family of the Carolingians was 855-869 Frankish King.


Lothar was the second son of Emperor Lothair I and his wife Ermengarde of Tours. After the death of Lothar I († 855) was the Empire - the Lotharii Regnum or middle kingdom - between his three sons divided ( Reich division of Prüm ): The eldest son Ludwig received Italy and the title of Emperor, Lothair II got Lotharingia ( from which the later Lorraine was born), including the residence of Aachen and the youngest son of Charles of Provence and Burgundy was awarded.

Tommy's life was mainly influenced by the childlessness of his wife. In 855, Lothar Theutberga married the daughter of Count Boso of Arles. However, since the marriage remained childless, Lothar separated 860 from his wife in order to marry his mistress 862 Waldrada, with whom he already has a son, Hugo had. Although the Aachen synods of 860 and 862 absegneten the approach of the king, this led to a protracted dispute. Archbishop Hincmar of Reims, a close aide of Charles the Bald, denounced at whose request in a memorandum to this decision, whereupon Pope Nicholas I himself intervened in the matter.

After the divorce was (allegedly by bribing ) recognized again at the Synod of Metz, in the presence of the papal legate, Ado of Vienne was at the time a teacher at the convent school Prum, to Rome to make a complaint against it. The Pope revoked the decision and excommunicated the archbishops of Cologne and Gunthar Theutgaud von Trier, who had been at the Synod of Metz the driving force. Pope Hadrian II finally allowed Lothar, personally present his case in Rome. On the way back this trip but died Lothar, so that a final decision was unnecessary. Lothar was buried in the monastery Sant'Antonino at Piacenza.

After Lothar's death, the empire was 870 means the Bald and Louis the German divided by the Treaty of Meersen between Charles. Plan and modalities of division had been taken already 867 in the Abbey of Saint Arnulf; Guarantor of this trade were by Ludwig Hincmar of Reims, Hincmar of Laon and Odo of Beauvais, on the part of Charles Liutbert Archbishop of Mainz, Altfrid of Hildesheim and Witgar of Augsburg.

Theutberga was in Lothar's death in Abbess of Sainte- Glossinde in Metz, she died before 25 November 875 Waldrada died after 9 April 868 as a nun in the monastery Remiremont.