Lualaba River

The African river Lualaba, also Luala is regarded as the actual source of the river Congo.

It rises in the south of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the region of Shaba. There, its source lies in the southern Mitumba Mountains on the interface to Lundaschwelle about 100 km west of Lubumbashi. It flows first to the north, past the lakes and Upembasee Kisalesee and takes some 150 km to the north of the water coming from the east Luvua - Luapula Chambeshi on. Again, about 150 km to the north flows to him of coming from the east Lukuga. From there, it flows again further north to the Boyomafällen in Kisangani. From there on, the current is called Congo.

The just mentioned river - Luvua - Luapula Chambeshi - is significantly longer than this to its confluence with the Lualaba, but only as a tributary of the Congo.

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