Luzech ( okzitan. Lusèg ) is a commune with 1670 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Lot in the French region of Midi -Pyrenees.



The municipality is located in the Quercy and Cahors between Fumel. The place Luzech is located on an isthmus width of 90 meters, which bypasses the River Lot in a loop. The central square of the town is located on a former, now filled-in channel that was created in 1840 to shorten the waterway.


Luzech was already inhabited in prehistoric times ( Pech de La Nene ). Before the Roman conquest, the Gauls built an oppidum here. Excavations on the hill of Impernal have made ​​visible the remains of walls and buildings of the Gallic and Roman era. Luzech was the capital of one of the four baronies of Quercy and was from the 11th to the early 17th century belonged to the de Luzech family. In 1188 it was conquered by Richard the Lionheart, later falls Luzech in the hands of the Albigenses. During the Crusade of the early 13th century, the fortress was captured and burned by the crusaders of Simon de Montfort. Later, the place was owned by Guillaume de Cardaillac, Bishop of Cahors. Les Chapt de Rastignac, a noble family from the Limousin, Luzech inherited in 1600. Their descendants, Alfred de la Rochefoucauld, sold in the mid-18th century the castle to the city.


The mayor is since March 2001 Monsieur Jean -Claude Baldy.


  • L' Église Saint- Pierre ( St. Peter's Church, gothic of the 14th and 15th century, with a square bell tower )
  • Chapelle Saint -Jacques (Jacob chapel or chapel of )
  • Donjon Luzech
  • Maison des Consuls ( the Maison des Consuls )
  • Oppidum Luzech