M.U.D.S. – Mean Ugly Dirty Sport

M.U.D.S. - Mean Ugly Dirty Sport is a computer game from the year 1990, which was programmed by the Team Golden Goblins and sold by Rainbow Arts, since the original company was sold to Golden Goblins this. Gameplay is a mix of sport and ( fantasy ) RPG elements.

MUDS was designed for the 286 platform (MS- DOS ) for the Amiga 500 and the Atari ST and was VGA -compatible. It appeared primarily as a floppy disk version and in conjunction with the first CD- ROM games collections of early low-budget distributions. The game can be played both in a single player campaign and in multiplayer mode - Hotseat - or in direct mode between two human players with a split keyboard, mouse or joystick.

Game play

The player takes over the management of a MUDS team and can in the course of a single game through various decisions, such as the general hardness of their own team, direct and indirect influence. The team consists of players of different races with different strengths and weaknesses. The players of a team can die during the game, and reach different routes into prison, so that the receipt of a playable team by acquiring new players or medical care is an important side aspect. Player, whose career takes longer to get there than RPG element improvements to their abilities.

M.U.D.S. includes a campaign mode in which the player's team travel to all 16 cities in the fictional continent Ghould and must defeat the resident teams. In the course of the campaign will change the design of cities and stadiums and there are new players race to recruit available.

For individual games, the player either only act as a viewer can (the computer takes over control of all players ) or actively participate in the game by controlling a player. A two-player mode is available, where two human players control of a computer each have a player of the team. Five players per team play actively on the court, also there may be up to nine replacement players. The player can also play an early stage by Bribing the Referee, the Flonks (see below) affect or opposing player and also poach players of opposing teams.

The actual game revolves around the " Flonk ", a flightless pterosaur, which is used as a ball. After American Football similar rules of Flonk must be placed in a basket in an opponent's end zone, which results in a flop (at a distance throw) or a Doppelfloppt ( by jumping to the basket). An encounter ends when the seventh Flonk was promoted to the basket. If both teams have the same number of points, an eighth Flonk is played. Another method to finish the game successfully, is to decimate the opposing team through tough game ( tackles or fighting ) so much that they no longer enough players have available. The game is conducted by an arbitrator. This penalizes fouls with free kicks, or temporary freeze, a challenge to the referee himself is punished even with the death of foul sending player.


The game was designed for those times strikingly complex and detailed, referee, physician and money-lenders were represented by avatars in the action. The 16 different breeds from which the players were recruited, reported some Special properties, brought in the benefits in the game.

Into the picture of the fantasy character of the game also fitting that the pitch was lined on both sides by a moat that was in the start league with a shark and later filled with a tentacle monster. MUDS player, which landed in the ditch, so tried as quickly as possible to bring back onto the field by swimming movements, as they would otherwise have been eaten. Players race of " Shemons " is indigestible and unwanted, " Scirons " are strong enough to even defeat the monster. Came, however, the Flonk into the ditch, he slipped on the water surface to the edge of the pitch and was then replayed from the center. Succeeded the monster to catch the Flonk, it spat him back onto the playing field, so that in most cases could be played without interruption.