Mackay (Queensland)

Mackay is a city in the Australian state of Queensland, with 166,800 inhabitants. Mackay is situated 900 kilometers north of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. In Mackay more than a third of Australia's sugar is produced, therefore the city is also called " sugar capital of Australia ". The average annual temperature of Mackay is located at 23 ° C.

The city is named after the explorer John Mackay, who invaded the territory of the Mackay region in 1860.


Mackay is located close to the Eungella National Park, the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands, which are very important for the region Mackay saw touristy. But Mackay is not considered a typical Australian tourist destination, but more as a stopover when tourists, for example, are traveling to the Whitsunday Islands.


One of the first Europeans was the explorer James Cook of the territory of Machay region, which reached the coast of Mackay on June 1, 1770. In 1918, Mackay was hit by a strong tropical cyclone.

Rail transport

Mackay is on the railway line from Brisbane to Cairns. This is operated by Queensland Rail (QR). It takes place mainly freight transport. These include the transport to the port. The passenger is limited to tourist trains and a fast train from Brisbane to Cairns. Mackay has a modern train station with a platform.

Line traffic

In Mackay there from Monday to Saturday ( 07.05 bis 18.45 clock ) public bus service. The transport company called MTC - Mackay Transit Coaches. It operated a total of 12 lines:

  • Route 1 City to East Mackay
  • Route 2 City to West Mackay
  • Route 3 South City to Mackay
  • Route 4/4A City to Slade Point
  • Route 5 City to Ander Grove
  • Route 6 City to Beaconsfield
  • Route 7 City to Northern Beaches
  • Route 8 City to Gien Ella
  • Route 9 University to Walkerston (Monday to Friday)
  • Route 10 City to Sarina (Monday to Friday)
  • Route 11 City to Mirani ( Thursdays only )
  • Route 12 City to Harbour / Marina

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