Manchester Victoria Station

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The Manchester Victoria railway station is the second main station of the city of Manchester to Manchester Piccadilly. The connection with this, the Manchester Metrolink, a road and rail, ago. The station is located in the north of the city center, while Piccadilly is located in the south. The station belongs to the train station category B, which is referred to as Regional transfer hubs. The station was 2008/2009 frequented by almost 6 million passengers, representing an increase of approximately 2 million over the previous year.


The station is located in the north of the city center, close to the river bank of the River Irwell and therefore the outskirts of Salford. Nearby is the Cathedral of Manchester.


The station was opened by the Manchester and Leeds Railway as a substitute of Oldham Road Station until 1839 opened on 1 January 1844. Godmother was the then reigning British Queen Victoria. On 4 May 1844, the Liverpool and Manchester Railway transferred from the former Liverpool Road terminus via a short link also to Victoria. Gradually, connections to London, Glasgow or Liverpool and Manchester were built Victoria became the busiest railway station in England.

1884 built the Liverpool and Manchester Railway just south of Victoria Station to Station Exchange station to get back to running your own station in Manchester. The two operationally independent stations, however, were linked. 1929 - both the Manchester and Leeds Railway and the Liverpool and Manchester Railway were länst combined for British Rail - the platform edge of the Exchange track 3 was connected with that of the Victoria track 11, which with an area of ​​680 meters, the longest platform in Europe revealed. To him at the same time three trains could be dispatched. The Exchange station was closed in 1969 under the Beeching Axe, the area is now a parking lot.

However, during the 20th century, all the major routes of Victoria were withdrawn and taken to Piccadilly. Today only Regional trains run from Victoria.

As a connection to Piccadilly BR originally planned a tunnel route, the Picc -Vic tunnel, but this plan was dropped in favor of the Manchester Metrolink.

The connection created in 1988 Salford Crescent - Manchester Deansgate caused a massive loss of significance for Victoria, because the trains from the north and northwest can re- approach the center MORE DETAILED Stations Piccadilly and Oxford Road. Thus, the entire long-distance transport from northern England and Scotland, as well as a part of the regional trains was re- done by Piccadilly, to allow direct connections to South, East and West of England and Wales.

In 2009 he was chosen as one of the ten worst stations of category B and as the worst station of the entire rail network of the United Kingdom, which called immediate reconstruction plans with them.

Since 2010 a large expansion program is planned. The meaning of Victoria will rise again, all trains of the local and regional traffic from the northwest are no longer Piccadilly, but Victoria start to relieve the crowded Piccadilly Station .. For this measure, the previously single-track railway station Salford Crescent needs to be corrected, since he has held the status of a new transfer station, as the long-distance transport continue to run on Piccadilly.



The station is generally served by trains of the Northern Rail. However, he also serves as a backup station for other companies during construction work at the Piccadilly Station. Mostly end here trains from the north and west of the Greater Manchester region, but also some from the East - such as from Ashton -under- Lyne or Leeds.

From Victoria trains to Wigan, Kirkby, Southport, Blackpool, Leeds and Liverpool Lime Street.

Since July 2009, is planning the electrification of the Liverpool to Douglas, which is based on the original Rocket compound in progress. The 100 million dollar project is to be completed in 2013.


The existing since 1992 Manchester Metrolink stop at the edge of the station. Trains run from here, among others, to Bury or to Manchester Piccadilly.

Since December 2009, the railway line is Victoria - Oldham closed, it is up to 2012 converted to a Metrolink line.