Manica Province

Manica is a province in western Mozambique.


Manica has an area of ​​approximately 61,661 km ². It borders the provinces of Tete, Gaza, Inhambane and Sofala and to the state of Zimbabwe. Capital is Chimoio. It has about 171 056 inhabitants.

The highest mountain in Mozambique, Mount Binga, with its lies 2436 m in this otherwise very hilly countryside near the border with Zimbabwe. In the north of the Province of the Zambezi is limited.

The Manica province is divided into nine districts and 34 administrative regions. The districts are:

  • Barü
  • Gondola
  • Guro
  • Machaze
  • Macossa
  • Manica
  • Mossurize
  • Sussundenga
  • Tambara


In the province of about 1.207 million people. They belong mainly to the Shona ethnic groups dn and Sena.


The inhabitants live mainly from subsistence farming. Main food are maize, cassava and goat meat. Agriculture is favored by rainy and mild climate. Cashew nuts were once an important export product.


In 1500, the Bantu displaced there since about 6000 BC living Khoisan. From the 8th century, the region belonged to the sphere of influence of Munhumutapa Empire and stood in commercial relations with the Arab- Swahili traders in the coastal regions. With the colonial period, the region came under Portuguese influence.