Manua'e (Society Islands)

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Manuae (also known as Scilly, Putai, or Fenua ura ) is an atoll in the Society Islands and belongs politically to French Polynesia. It is the westernmost of the " Leeward Islands ". It is located at 16 ° 31 ' S 154 ° 42' W, 550 km west of Papeete and 350 kilometers west of Bora Bora. The atoll has a diameter of about 11 km. The area of dry land is 4 km ².

The first European who discovered the island, was the Englishman Samuel Wallis 1767th The remains of the village was founded at that time still exist on the northern part of the island. According to the 2007 census, the atoll has 24 inhabitants, of which 8 are women. There are neither ship nor flights to French Polynesia.

The " Compagnie Française de Tahiti ", the owner of the atoll, planted about 1920 to about 57,000 coconut trees. Were made up to 70 tons of copra per year. The plantation no longer exists. The lagoon has been declared a nature reserve in 1992.

On the atoll of Scilly many species are native of turtles. They come every year to spawn at the beach. Since the coral reef of the atoll ring is closed, the exchanges between the lagoon and the ocean are limited. In the lagoon, a number of rare species live. Giant clam banks are also available ( only 3-4 million oysters).