Michael Sars

Michael Sars ( born August 30, 1805 in Bergen, Norway, † October 22, 1869 in Christiania, Norway) was a Norwegian priest and biologist.

He has authored numerous original descriptions of hydroids and other marine animals, and was one of the first zoologists observed in addition to the physical features and the way of life of the animals and held. In 1850 he refuted by Dredschzüge in Norwegian fjords and in the Lofoten Islands the Abyssus theory of the English zoologist Edward Forbes ( 1815-1854 ), according to below a water depth of about 500 meters, no life is possible.

He is the father of Georg Ossian Sars marine biologist and historian Ernst Sars. His daughter Eva Sars (1858-1907) was the wife of Fridtjof Nansen.

Sars was 1855 corresponding member of the Royal Academy of Sciences in Berlin since 26 July.

Writings (selection )

  • Michael Sars: Fauna littoralis Norwegiæ. John Dahl, Christiana 1846.
  • Michael Sars Georg Ossian Sars and: bidrag til kundskab om Christianiafjordens fauna. John Dahl, Christiania 1868 (Vol. 1), 1870 ( Vol. 2), 1873 (Vol. 3 ) ( Danish)