The mixing Abel is a dreigipfliges, especially in Saas-Fee from visible massif in the Pennine Alps, between the Saas Valley and the Nikolaital ( Matter ) located. There is also the valley glaciers Hohberg glacier.

It consists of ( from south to north ):

  • Täschhorn, 4'491 m
  • Dom, 4,545 m
  • Lenzspitze, 4'294 m, formerly called Südlenz

The origin of the name Mischabelblick is unclear. (: Pitchfork High German ) of the local farmers derived, according to others he should come from the around the year 900 to the Valais invading Saracens In part, the view is taken that he was of the three-pronged " Mischtgabla " ( Mudjabal, arab, mountain range '. )

The Mischabelgruppe in the broader sense is a subset of the Valais Alps and also includes other peaks of the northwest subsequent Nadelgrat:

The four-thousand of Allalingruppe, south then be partially attributed also the Mischabelgruppe:

46.0936111111117.85916666666674545Koordinaten: 46 ° 6 ' N, 7 ° 52 ' E; CH1903: 632523/104765

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