MN8 was a British boy band, the 1995-1996 had several chart hits. The debut single I've Got a Little Something for You reached number 2 in the British charts and became the biggest success of the band.

Band History

Was founded in 1995 MN8. The Act consisted of four young men aged 18-21 years who responded with their music, their pop sound was influenced by R & B and soul, and the choreography especially a young target group. The very first single I've Got a Little Something for You rose in the spring of 1995 to No. 2 in the UK charts at position 10 in Switzerland and # 30 in Germany.

The consequence Single If You Only Let Me In made ​​it a few weeks later in the top 10 of the UK and the Top 100 on the German charts. In the same year, Happy, which was number 8 in the UK were, and Baby it 's You, which nevertheless still achieved a top 30 placement there, successful extractions of the debut album To the Next Level.

The second MN8 - album was released in 1996. Singles The Pathway to the Moon ( 25th place ), Tuff Act to Follow ( 15th place) and Dreaming ( # 21 ) returned the boys three times in the native Charts back. After nearly two years, the group split end of 1996.


  • Dee- Tails (December 6, 1976 in Paddington, London, United Kingdom), song
  • G -Man ( born September 22, 1974 in Trinidad ), singing
  • KG ( born September 15, 1976 in Wexham, UK ), singing
  • Kule T ( born January 19, 1975 in London, United Kingdom), song