Mnemosyne (Greek Μνημοσύνη; μνήμη of MNEME, "memory"; compare Latin memoria ) is a figure in Greek mythology, as well as a river in the underworld, in contrast to Lethe not brought about the water but forget omniscience.


Mnemosyne is the daughter of Uranus and Gaia, one of the Titans and is considered the " goddess " of memory.

Mnemosyne is according to Hesiod mother of the nine Muses, she bore to Zeus in Pieria Mount Olympus. Hesiod says that the two far from the rest of the gods combined for nine nights. In older plants are also often only three Muses, Mnemosyne is said to have born. And sometimes these are also called " Mneiai ", which is a plural form of her mother's name.


Mnemosyne or her daughter mneme ( in the myths variant with three Muses ) were eponymous for the Art of Memory (Latin ars memoriae ), which is referred to as mnemonics, and for the use within the art of memory memory techniques, which are called mnemonics.

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