Monie Love

Monie Love ( born July 2, 1970 as Simone Wilson in London, UK, now Simone Gooden ) is an English MC and former radio personality in the United States. Love was a respected figure in British hip hop and has been successful in the American Hip Hop audience as a protégé of the American MC Queen Latifah as well as through their membership in Native Tongues late 1980s/early 1990s. Love was one of the first BritHop artists who were taken from the bigger labels under contract and sold worldwide.

Early years

Love was born in Battersea area of London as the younger sister of techno musician Dave Angel, her father was a jazz musician in London.


Love began her hip hop / BritHop career as an MC at Jus bathroom, where DJ Pogo, Sparki and MC Mell'O ' were involved. The group released the single Free Style / Proud 1988 with indie label Tuff Groove.

Love was the first public attention in the U.S. in 1989 for her cameo in Queen Latifah's Grammy - winning and feminist Single Ladies First, in the single Doin ' Our Own Dang the Jungle Brothers and De La Soul Buddy hit single. This assessment led to a contract with Warner Bros. Records, the Love made ​​them one of the few British hip-hop artists who have been published by a major label.

Love also has a place in the history of hip-hop as a member of Native Tongues, a positive set hip hop collective, which consisted of Queen Latifah, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, the Jungle Brothers and numerous other people.

Loves debut album Down To Earth contained two Grammy-nominated hits, Monie in the Middle ( a song that plays at a high school and in which to decide what they expect from a relationship in itself is about a woman's right ) and It's a Shame ( My Sister ), which contains a sample of the song it's A Shame by the Spinners, which was written by Stevie Wonder, and created in collaboration with Ultra Naté. The album reached # 26 in the R & B / Hip Hop Albums chart.

Love participated in 1991 on the remix of her brother Dave Angel of Whitney Houston's hit My Name Is Not Susan and appeared in the music video alongside Whitney Houston. In 1992, Loves Single Full Term Love from the soundtrack to the movie Class Act # 7 in the Hip Hop charts.

She worked in 1993 on their second album In A Word or 2, on which the Prince -produced single Born To BREED ( the number one in the dance charts and # 7 in the Rapcharts reached ) together as well as a re-release of Full Term Love was with Marley Marl. In the same year Prince asked her if she would write the lyrics for a few songs from Carmen Electra's album of the same name.

Loves last musical release was the EP Slice of Da Pie in 2000.

Radio career

From 2004 to December 2006 was Love Morning presenter on the station WPHI -FM in Philadelphia. Your amicable departure of this station followed shortly after an interview with Young Jeezy, in which the two discussed whether hip hop is dead.

Love is, according to her MySpace page official DJ. She currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is a single mother of four children. She hosts a radio show on XM Satellite Radio called Ladies First Radio with Monie Love.



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