Mr. Taxi

April 27, 2011

"Mr. Taxi " is a song by South Korean girl group Girls' Generation from the year 2011. Was 27 April 2011 as a single MR. TAXI / Run Devil Run released. This is for " Genie " and " Gee " at the third Japanese single by the group.


The single MR.TAXI / Run Devil Run would be published on 13 April 2011 originally. However, due to the Tōhoku earthquake and its aftermath, the publication was postponed for two weeks. In addition, S. M. decided Entertainment to donate a portion of the coming into being by the single sales to the Japanese Red Cross.

The single was released by Nayutawave Records in three different editions: Standard Edition, Limited Pressing and Deluxe First Press Limited Edition. Latter two is a DVD and a photo book. In addition, the Deluxe First Press Limited Edition has a different cover and it is a collector's card at. "Mr. Taxi " is the first song from Girls ' Generation, not that, as before," Genie "," Gee "and" Run Devil Run ", was published only in Korean, but the same in Japanese.

In order to apply the single the Japanese music video was to " Run Devil Run" aired on April 9, 2011 for the first time. In January, a Japanese version of the song was released.

Music style and content

In "Mr. Taxi " is a dance, synth - and J- pop song. The song is sung in Japanese, with some English and Korean expressions.

Title List of Single MR.TAXI / Run Devil Run

Music video and choreography

The music video was shot on April 12 and 13, 2011. Directed by Hideaki Sunaga (须 永 秀 明). On April 22 at 4:50 Japan time clock of the TV station Mezamashi TV showed for the first time excerpts from the music video for " Mr. Taxi ". Finally, a dance version of the music video on April 26 by Universal Music Japan YouTube has been published. On April 28, which was broadcast "normal " music video on TV, which has only minor differences to the dance version.

In the video, the nine band members wear yellow and black costumes that are reminiscent of a taxi driver.

The music video and especially the choreography received a lot of praise. The choreography for the song was written by Rino Nakasone.

Live performances

Your first live performance of "Mr. Taxi " had Girls' Generation on May 13, 2011 in the Japanese music show Music Station on TV Asahi. The group performs the song on her second tour of Asia (2011 Girls' Generation Tour ), which began in Seoul on July 23, 2011, in Korean language on.


Immediately after the publication of the song reached # 1 on the ringtone charts of Recochoku in Japan. In addition, " Mr. achieved Taxi " No. 1 on the real-time download charts of the South Korean music portal Bugs!. The song reached number one on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 in the South Korean Mnet Charts, the song reached number 10

Chart positions