Myrtus communis

The Myrtenartigen ( Myrtales ) form an order of plants flowering plant ( Magnoliopsida ).


The Myrtenartigen include both woody and herbaceous plants. The leaves are against standing always simple and entire. Stipules ( stipules ) are rarely available; if they do, they are greatly shortened and rarely fully formed.

The usually hermaphroditic, flowers are mostly radial symmetry fourfold. Often a hypanthium, which is a cup-shaped cavity of the flower axis, the walls of the ovary largely surround, and a discus available. The deformed from usually two carpels ovary is usually under - or medium ever.


The order Myrtales are within the euro Siden II, the sister group of order Geraniales. They include the following families:

  • Alzateaceae
  • Wing seed plants ( Combretaceae )
  • Crypteroniaceae
  • Lythraceae ( Lythraceae )
  • Black Mouth family ( Melastomataceae ), including Memecylaceae
  • Myrtle family ( Myrtaceae ), including Heteropyxidaceae and Psiloxylaceae
  • Onagraceae ( Onagraceae )
  • Penaeaceae, including Oliniaceae and Rhynchocalycaceae
  • Vochysiaceae


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